Yeast Free Crackers and Crispbreads to eat on a Candida Diet

The other month I shared an updated guide on which bread you could eat on a candida diet. Today I’m back with some ideas for crackers and crispbreads. Yeast free crackers make useful snacks and you can keep some in your desk drawer for when you feel peckish.

It’s not advisable to eat a lot of carbs when you are starving out candida, but a small amount of yeast free crispbreads can add interest to your meals and snacks and provide a useful boost of energy. Try and eat them with a good source of protein, such as tinned fish or eggs, or some healthy fats such as a mashed avocado or hummous.

You will need to read labels carefully and avoid anything else you are intolerant to. I have not taken into account other preferences such as those who prefer to avoid palm oil or other ingredients; neither am I flagging up if products may contain gluten, dairy or other allergens. This list is solely about avoiding yeast and sugar.

Some of my clients tolerate grains such as wheat and rye really well, others need to avoid them in the first stages of a candida diet, so contact your own practitioner or book an appointment with me to get individualised suggestions for how to tweak this to your unique body! I offer bespoke 1-2-1 candida diet support via Zoom.

\with that said, here are some yeast free crackers and crispbeads that you can readily source in the UK, either in a supermarket, health food shop or online. I’ll update it when I find new brands, so get in touch if you can add to the list!


Amisa is founded on the belief that people with special dietary needs shouldn’t miss out. They offer a range of flavoured crispbreads based on alternatives to wheat, such as chickpea flour, pumpkin seed flour or quinoa. Be careful though, as their spelt range includes yeast, and in some cases, sugar – so be sure to read the label.


Orgran sell a wide range of crispbreads and crackers from plain rice or corn crispbreads to flavours such as beetroot and turmeric. Their entire range is free from most of the major allergens.


Clearspring sell yeast free oatcakes, rice cakes, corn cakes and rye crispbreads. All of these products are organic, and you can get a healthy dose of seeds too, if you try their 7 seed rice cakes!


Biona sell a small range of spelt, corn and rice cakes. You’ll need to stay clear of the yogurt coated ones as these contain sugar.

Raw Vibrant Living

Raw Vibrant Living, as the name suggests, make raw crackers with ingredients such as flax, pumpkin and beetroot. Proponents of the raw lifestyle, believe that eating raw food leads to improved vitality, increased energy, improvement to chronic diseases and improved overall health. [edit. Link removed, as they no longer make and sell crackers].


Ryvita are readily available in supermarkets and have been around for years; they started trading in 1925! They used to sell one bland flavour, and have now expanded into some great varieties including pumpkin and sunflower seed. You’ll need to read labels, as some of their product range includes sugar.


Nairns are another brand that are readily available in supermarkets. Much of their range contains sugar or yeast, but some of their oatcakes are fine on a candida-friendly diet. Oatcakes are filling and easy to keep in your desk drawer.


Carrs were established in 1831 and still sell their Table Water biscuits. These are little more than flour, water and oil, so aren’t high in nutrition, but they are easy to get hold of in a supermarket.


Rakusens are another brand readily available in supermarkets and were established in 1900. You can buy Matzos flame baked crackers, ‘snackers’, which are nice to nibble on, Hi-baked crackers and the list goes on. Read the labels, because some products contain sugar.

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