Two Minute Mindfulness Hacks to Reduce Stress and Overwhelm

I was contacted by Jane Hawkes from our local community Forest of Dean radio station, Dean Radio. Jane’s weekly business lunchtime show takes place on Wednesdays and helps local business owners with all aspects of running a business.

During November I was invited to talk about health and wellbeing in the workplace. Jane had been considering the strain of having to run businesses during the pandemic and how the health and wellbeing of a business owner was key.

Health and wellness at work

Jane was keen to hear how to cope with stress, how to deal with ever changing restrictions and policies, uncertainty of the future and how to basically do all of that, be happy and sleep at night too!

I was asked why I do what I do, to explain how the Health and Wellness Grid works and how it helps people develop a positive approach to life. We discussed how the therapies I offer can help people in business and I shared some quick, simple and easy tools that anyone can use on a day to day basis to reduce stress and overwhelm.

Mid Month Mindfulness on Forest of Dean Radio

After the show, Jane told me this was ‘hands down the best show yet’ and invited me back each month for a ‘Mid Month Mindfulness’ slot. Since then, in the middle of each month, I share a two or three minute hack to help you destress and reduce anxiety – perfect if you’re short on time and want to put the brakes on rising stress levels. Jane says “You are the monthly highlight of the Forest Business Show!”

I’ll add to this page as each episode goes live on the radio!

Health and wellness in the workplace

Here’s the original hour-long show from November 3rd 2021:

Bad day? Here’s how to make it better!

Mid November I shared a neat trick for turning around in an instant, a ‘bad day’.

The Three D’s for calm and productivity

For December, we know Christmas is stressful for many people, so we talked about the three D’s of getting through the festive season in the best of spirits!

Say no to the January Blues

To start the new year, did you know the third Monday in January is reported to be the most depressing day of the year? Here’s how to rise above the blues in two minutes.

Saying ‘I love you’ to yourself during February

February sees us celebrating Valentine’s day. This year my invitation is to take two minutes to turn inwards and spend some quality time with yourself. Join me for this quick body scan.

Putting the brake on the stress response with the vagus nerve

At the end of February I introduced the vagus nerve and shared an easy hack to put the brake on the stress response. Find out how to go from ‘always on’ to calm and chilled in less than a minute:

Turning off stress in March

World events have left clients reeling. No sooner are we getting used to Covid, than the Ukraine and Russia are at war. This can cause our own stress response to increase. Today I invite you to take one minute to press the ‘reset’ button on stress with this super easy breathing technique:

Switching off from social media

Many of my clients want to incorporate some daily yoga stretches, fulfilling hobbies or healthy meal prep into their lives, yet they don’t have time. Or do they? With the average Brit spending up to 2 1/2 hours every DAY on social media, maybe it’s time to take a time audit.

Feeling too hot? You can Breathe yourself Cool!

This episode was inspired by a sweltering hot summer in the UK. I wrote a lot more ideas on how to stay cool during a heatwave and this cooling breath is one of them. Breathe along with me – it’s surprisingly effective!

Stop those looping thoughts

I get it. You’re ruminating over a conversation you had a week ago. You’re going over and over what they said and how you wish you’d responded. Or maybe you’re catastrophising about something that might not even happen. Let’s take a look at those looping thoughts…

If you need help putting any of these tools into practise, or have deeper issues that are asking to be resolved, please contact me for a 1-2-1 Zoom appointment.