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jess adshead testimonial for rachelle strauss

Jess Adshead

Life Coach

When I first came to Rachelle I felt stuck and frustrated, stuck in my own emotions and not understanding why or how to process them.


I was very good at bottling them up and being "positive"!


Rachelle helped me to gently peel back the layers and to really get to know myself.


She has given me methods that I now incorporate into daily life that enable be to understand and process my emotions in a healthy way. I can now, even when times are tough, always feel this underlying deep sense of calm, strength, knowing and respect toward myself.


Rachelle is incredibly understanding, intuitive, knowledgeable and also has a great sense of humour! She is and will always be my number one person to go to when I feel I need a helping hand.

chrissie driesssen testimonial for the health and wellness grid

Chrissie Driessen


Rachelle has been my therapist for nearly a year.

I am 62 years old and, I have finally and at long last, started coming to terms with aspects of myself and moving forward.


Before I started working with Rachelle, I was feeling stuck, anxious, lacked self-confidence and felt like I needed to make changes but didn't know how.


After a few sessions, I have been able to come to terms with - and embrace parts of myself - I was ashamed of and move on.


I have also been able to use skills learned on my own when in challenging, potentially overwhelming situations and use curiosity and compassion to recognise - and sit with and assimilate - aspects of myself and let my real self shine through.


Rachelle has been a great support to me. She bridges the practical and the spiritual. I enjoy work with her because she is down to earth, caring and not at all egotistical! 

Rachelle has helped me move on in my life. Finally! 


vickie head testimonial for the health and wellness grid

VIckie Head

Social Prescribing Facilitator

Rachelle has been more help to me over the course of three months than 25+ years of a variety of counsellors.

Rachelle was a perfect therapist. She listened, made mental notes of my physical responses, had the perfect demeanour and was never ever judgemental - only supportive, encouraging and there whenever I needed her. Any time, any day- which at times I needed.

She has turned my life around. I no longer sink into anxiety and depression. For anyone that has spent a lifetime going in and out of the latter it is debilitating- now I am actually living life and have a tool-kit which actually works AND improves my health and well-being.

I have managed to reduce my Duloxetine from 120mgs to 60mgs and still going. I can now cope with stressful situations by recognising my internal reaction - going off and giving it some time - then it is like I never had the initial reaction. I feel I understand myself. It also helps me see others and their reactions differently.

testimonial headshot for the health and wellness grid

Georgina Stevens

Consultant and writer

Rachelle has helped me enormously in a very short amount of time. She has given nutritional, emotional and professional guidance and support in a kind, intuitive, sensitive and impactful way.
I’ve had other coaches before, but Rachelle is very special and has helped me more than anyone else has so far!
I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Angharad Wrigley testimonials for health and wellness grid

Angharad Wrigley

Director at Hot Tubs Rock

I thoroughly enjoyed my session with you. You are easy to talk to, kind, generous and obviously very good at what you do.

I had several realisations in just that one session!.

Huge value in the session and just what I needed at the time. Wouldn’t hesitate to come to you again and have recommended you to a few people since.

arlette wood testimonial for health and wellness grid forest of dean

Arlette Wood

CEO of Love Your Life

I feel completely accepted and understood by Rae which doesn’t happen much in our culture of judgement and criticism. This is the rare, beautiful gift that she gives to people.

But Rae ALSO gets to the crux of the issue efficiently and gives sensible, practical advice too.

clare josa testimonial for health and wellness grid forest of dean

Clare Josa

NLP trainer, Mentor and Author

Rae always helps create insights that come from my deepest wisdom and ALWAYS helps me to unblock the core fear or excuse that was getting in the way of busting the next comfort zone, easily and with a smile on my face.

She has a gift for taking the ‘meta-view’ and being able to see the games we’re playing with ourselves that secretly sabotage our success and feed the pain / drama cycle. And where she helps me hugely is to get past my stories.

Rae is FAB and one of the very few people on the planet I trust to ‘mess with my head’. And that’s saying something.

Please connect with her.

lisa farndon

Lisa Farndon

I have had seven or eight virtual EFT and kinesiology sessions with Rachelle via Zoom and Wow it has been so powerful.
I have been suffering with IBS, bloating, food allergies and weight gain for so many years and had given up on changing it.
In session one Rachelle found all of the foods that I should avoid (sardines, eggs and almonds) and picked up a lot of different things about my eating habits without me telling her.
After session two I had lost 3Ibs without trying. I could literally feel a weight being lifted off me. And it’s continued ever since. All the bloating and pain has now gone.

I was a little apprehensive at first about doing remote kinesiology sessions. I didn't think it would work as well but I was wrong. In fact on researching it and talking to other people sometimes remote sessions can be even more powerful. Which is what I found with Rachelle.
Trust me it works. I think I actually prefer it this way as you can do it in the comfort of your own home, so you are far more relaxed and open to the process. She does the testing in her own time, then we get together on Zoom to discuss the results.

Rachelle really knows her stuff and is really tuned in, she has marvelous intuition. I cannot recommend Rachelle highly enough. I am so lucky I found her!

susie evans testimonial health and wellness grid forest of dean

Susie Evans

Healer and Teacher

Rae is like a beacon of brightness; I feel illuminated in her presence. She is singularly and powerfully honest in her work and filled with integrity at the highest level. She is quite ruthless when it comes to pinning me down which is just what I need to keep me focused!

Rae creates a space for those she works with to feel safe, held and rigorously challenged to find their way of out overwhelm.

She is able to pinpoint the necessary task quickly whilst tackling it with a sense of joy and freedom. Rae has the knack of relating to many different types of people, figuring out who they are and what they need so they can become their best.

julie bryant testimonial health and wellness grid forest of dean

Julie Bryant

Founder of Naked Dragon Events

Rae is one of the most intuitive people I have ever had the pleasure to meet!

She has a real gift for listening – and really hearing – what I was saying. She accurately reflected back to me not only what I thought I wanted, but also what I needed.

Her sensitive interpretation of my requirements led me to decide to work with her.

testimonial icon

Cyndi Hall

online writer

After speaking with Rachelle I feel calmer and more at peace, because I’ve spoken to a trusted friend, someone who listens to me and offers honest, direct responses.

Her views and opinions help me see things differently, to turn a situation upside down and see it for what it is rather than seeing it through a veil of emotions.

testimonial icon

Bea KB

I was so happy to find Rachelle after struggling with breast thrush after my baby was born. As well as detailed nutritional advice she helped me understand the emotional relationship I have with food.


I learnt about how to manage candida and I also learnt a lot about myself, which has had benefits well beyond what I initially came to her for. Rachelle was always supportive and willing to meet me where I was at any given time.

cheryl barnes testimonial for health and wellness grid forest of dean

Cheryl Barnes

Head of Sales and Marketing

Rachelle has an incredible knack for cutting through the crap and getting right to the heart of the matter; bringing huge clarity to every situation I have ever brought to her.

An invaluable ally – especially at times of crisis!

Helen Hart

I had some great sessions with Rachelle. She was extremely helpful and insightful.

Our sessions enabled me to see, and be kind to, parts of me that I had not previously been able to access.

I have had some really huge realisations and I feel this has really helped me make some big changes in my life.

Thanks again for your amazing input into my development.