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Visitors and users of this website https://thehealthandwellnessgrid.com/ should understand that all content written and implied on this site are the opinions of the authors only. Nothing on this website should be read or used as official medical advice or factual authoritative information in any way.

All content should be considered as opinion and used for research purposes only.

It is our intent to provide a repository of information for research purposes only that encompasses the alleged and reported benefits of traditional, alternative, complimentary and orthodox medical modalities. It is our opinion that all methodologies have some merit and that we should be free to discover what works best in any particular situation. We aim to provide a broad spectrum of opinions on a variety of subjects, with the understanding that the reader uses their own judgment and common sense in all health and medical matters.

As such, you use this website, entirely at your own discretion and risk. All medical choices and actions you take should be with the official guidance and advice of your own medical practitioner.

In accordance with the ASA we do not use the terms ‘CURE’ or ‘HEAL’ or grammatical derivative of these terms in our content on this website, unless quoted from an external source. We also avoid terms that make claims, describe, imply or suggest that ‘cures’ or ‘healing’ can take place. IF those terms or implied suggestions appear anywhere, they are misprints, or inadvertent mistakes that should be entirely disregarded by the reader.

While we would like to list conditions we believe our therapies can treat – and believe this information could be helpful to clients when deciding to work with us – we adhere to the ASA guidance, which restricts the types of claims we may make.

We are able to talk about broad term benefits to conditions such as aches and pains, trouble sleeping, smoking cessation and reducing every day stress. However, we are not allowed to cite specific ailments or reference medical conditions when talking about the services and therapies we offer – such as arthritis, IBS, chronic fatigue syndrome or depression.

We are able to make claims for the emotional and spiritual effects of the therapies we offer, our professionalism and therapy surroundings. We can also highlight the relaxing nature of the therapy, its meditative qualities, improvement in a feeling of overall wellbeing and an improved sense of self, as well as can the foundations of the therapy’s origin. However, we cannot make specific claims for specific conditions. [source]

This page was last updated 10th October 2019