Sugar Awareness Week 2020

Sugar Awareness Week 2020 is 20 – 26th January, and run by the charity, Action on Sugar. The aim of Action on Sugar is to raise awareness about the impact of excess sugar consumption on our wellbeing.

This year, Sugar Awareness Week is asking the question “What’s in your drink?”

You might already be aware that excessive sugar intake can take its toll on tooth decay, diabetes and obesity. According to Action on Sugar research, just seven teaspoons of sugar each day can be harmful to health. Yet you could easily consume more than that in your drinks by lunchtime. You probably know how much sugar you’re spooning into your morning cuppa, but what about vending machine drinks, take aways, concentrated fruit juices, alcohol and soft drinks?

sugar awareness week poster


It was my addiction to sugar that kick started my journey to health and wellness. And it was kicking that sugar habit that convinced me to train to be an allergy therapist, so that I could help others. My day consisted of about ten cups of tea, each with two teaspoons of sugar, and around six chocolate bars throughout the day. Not to mention sweets, take away meals and fast food.

It wasn’t until I started to get really ill that I even made the connection between the amount of sugar I was eating and its impact on my health.

Giving up sugar was not easy. In fact it was far more difficult for me than stopping alcohol and smoking. I went cold turkey and went to hell and back. I was crying, shaking, feeling violent, depressed and couldn’t think straight. In hindsight I should have got professional help, which is why I now support people who want to reduce sugar in their diets.

As well as asking manufacturers to reduce sugar in their products, Action on Sugar want to see clear nutrition labelling on all food and drink items whether we’re shopping in a supermarket, in a café or online. The crowd-sourced foodswitch app allows you to scan the barcodes of food and drink products and instantly see whether they are high (red), medium (amber) or low (green) in fat, saturates, sugars and salt.

They’ve also created this handy infographic to help you consume less sugar:

action on sugar - how to consume less sugar - sugar awareness week

If you want to reduce the amount of sugar you eat, I have written a blog called “8 benefits of reducing sugar intake – and an 11 step plan to achieving it” where you’ll find step by step instructions on how you can get you and your family eating less sugar and more healthily.

Want to improve your health, get a clearer mind and sleep better? Please get in contact and book an appointment. We can do allergy therapy in the forest of dean to see how sugar is affecting your health and offer hypnotherapy or NLP to help you stick to your sugar-reducing goals!



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