How Does a Remote Food Intolerance Test Work?

During the pandemic, I had to move all my work online.

For 85% of the therapies I use, that was not an issue. However, I had to think creatively about the food intolerance testing!

I use kinesiology, which is a muscle-testing technique. Typically, you lie – fully clothed- on a couch. I put your arm into three different positions and in each position put really light pressure on your wrist. Your job is to resist the pressure and keep your arm locked.

After doing that a few times, so you know what you’re doing, I put tubes of different foods one-by-one onto your tummy. We repeat the testing and we’re looking for your arm to stay strong.

Any time your arm weakens, indicates an intolerance to that substance.

During lockdown, it was impossible to meet face to face, so I had to think outside the box.

Many people now accept that there is an energetic component to life. We’re not just blood and bones, we are energy too. And energy can connect across the airwaves. Most people have experienced a time when they’ve been thinking of someone, only for that person to call five minutes later! And some people accept that healing modalities like Reiki can be ‘sent’ remotely.

I figured that kinesiology might not be any different.

And it isn’t!

As weird as it might sound, I’ve been remotely testing people for food intolerances and the results have been beyond expectation. In some ways I’m getting even BETTER results! And my clients are thrilled. They no longer have to travel to me, and as the testing can sometimes exacerbate the symptoms, they don’t have to go through that any more either!

Here’s what my client Lisa says:

“I have had seven or eight virtual kinesiology and EFT sessions with Rachelle and Wow it has been so powerful.
I have been suffering with IBS, bloating, food allergies and weight gain for so many years and had given up on changing it.
In session one Rachelle found all of the foods that I should avoid and picked up a lot of different things about my eating habits without me telling her.
After session two I had lost 3Ibs without trying. I could literally feel a weight being lifted off me. And it’s continued ever since. All the bloating and pain has now gone.
I was a little apprehensive at first about doing remote kinesiology sessions. I didn’t think it would work as well but I was wrong. In fact on researching it and talking to other people sometimes remote sessions can be even more powerful. Which is what I found with Rachelle.
Trust me it works. I think I actually prefer it this way as you can do it in the comfort of your own home, so you are far more relaxed and open to the process. She does the testing in her own time, then we get together on Zoom to discuss the results.
Rachelle really knows her stuff and is really tuned in, she has marvellous intuition. I cannot recommend Rachelle highly enough. I am so lucky I found her!”

How remote food allergy testing works

Step one – I’ll send you a food diary to fill out for four days. You just eat as you usually do and record everything you eat and drink for four days, then send it back to me.

Step two – We meet on Zoom for about 1/2 hour to complete the intake form. This is where I’ll take your medical history and we’ll talk about the symptoms you are wanting to change. By the end of the session I’ll have a comprehensive snapshot of where you are at and where you want to be.

Step three – After our call, I’ll do the testing at some point over the next couple of days. You don’t need to do anything, tune in, send hair or blood or anything else!

Step four – once I’ve completed the test I’ll email you and we’ll arrange a time toe get back together on Zoom for around 1/2 hour to discuss your results and put together an eating plan that fits in with your lifestyle.

How much does remote food allergy testing cost?

The cost for all four steps above is currently £50. I have kept my prices low throughout the pandemic so that more people can benefit from this service.

What about on going support?

I usually recommend that clients follow the dietary suggestions for two to three weeks then we get together again to discuss your progress. We might need to do more testing, tweak your diet or add in supplements and there is an opportunity for us to work more deeply on emotional issues if it would be of benefit to you.

After that, it’s very individualised depending on the level of support you require and your financial situation! If we work on other issues as well, clients typically speak with me weekly, then tailor it back to fortnightly and when things are resolved just contact me as and when. Some clients have seen me daily when dealing with a health crisis and others only need a check in every few weeks or months.

Each session costs £50 and lasts from 50 minutes to an hour.

How to book

Contact me here and I’ll be in touch to book your first session!

Here are some final words from client, Vicky:

I have been suffering with lethargy; bloated stomach; nausea; forgetfulness and what I thought were food intolerances for years and years.
I completed a food diary and sent it to Rachelle. We had a zoom meeting shortly afterwards and she advised me on what I needed to cut and what to swap these items to.
I carried out the advice and within 2 weeks my stomach had gone down by about 2 inches; I felt more energised; more alert and my brain function had improved.
By the time the 3 weeks had ended and we had our meeting I felt like I had been renewed and I had lost the weight around my stomach and lower back.
I am delighted that this process was so easy and at how kind and gentle Rachelle is. I truly wish that everyone who has an issue with Wellness would contact her. Their lives could be transformed with such speed and ease!”