NLP – The language of achievement

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NLP, teaches you how to reach the hidden sub-conscious language of the mind. NLP stands for  Neuro-Linguistic Programming it was developed in the 1970s by two behavioural experts Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Over the years since NLP has proved itself very effective and powerful as a psychological method for helping people to change the way they feel and think about life and to provide better ways to overcome persistent bad habits, mood swings and fearful reactions.

When we decide to ‘break a bad habit’ or change the way we react to someone or a situation, it usually starts with a conscious choice. ‘Today I’m not going to open that packet of biscuits and eat them all’ Great idea!, but that’s only a small part of the process of change …

As the day progresses, the familiar urge to open the biscuits and eat them as usual invades our thoughts. It has not gone away and despite our promise to AVOID that desire to eat them, something else seems to pull us into the familiar pattern. We open the pack, eat the biscuits and then feel guilty of failure. We let ourselves down, our best intentions were overtaken by some irresistible force.

This kind of behaviour is very common and applies to so many of our attempts to change. The result of being unable to break the habit only serves to compound the feelings of failure, being weak or simply unworthy of change.

So what’s happening here? Why can’t we realise our goals without grit, determination and struggle? NLP recognises that the sub-conscious mind is running a different set of goals that drives your behaviours and that a simple conscious decision for change is not enough in most cases to achieve a result. The tools of NLP will assist you to find the hidden drivers that maintain those bad habits, those fearful reactions and those stubborn thoughts that can’t be controlled.

Once we can communicate and understand the hidden intentions of our sub-conscious mind, we can better understand why we are driven to feel and react in certain ways. We can exchange those old outdated versions of behaviour with new and better ways to move forward. NLP is a gentle, but firm method of restructuring our sub conscious drivers to fall in line with our conscious decisions for positive change. We call it ‘The language of achievement’.

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