Top Tips for Keeping Positive During Lockdown

We’re in our second big lockdown and its having major impacts on our mental health. Reports point to increased rates of suicidal thoughts, and even symptoms of PTSD. There are still negative effects of prolonged isolation, financial concerns and worries about loved ones getting sick.

I was fortunate enough to meet with several local business owners from the Forest of Dean during an online networking meeting. Along with our introductions, we were asked to share our top tip for keeping positive during lockdown. The meeting was hosted by Angharad from Local Business Rocks.

From listening to self development books to buying yourself gifts to decorating your home, there was such an assortment of wisdom and ideas that I just had to share them here!

  • Kathryn from Capture this moment photography suggests getting out for a walk every day. She says this helps keep her perky!
  • Katy from Forest Sport Massage recommends to set aside time every day to move your body in a way you love – whether it’s doing PE with Joe in your living room or mountain biking in the forest, moving your body can feel great.
  • Kelly is founder of the charity Heart Heroes. Her top tip is NOT to get involved in any chats about the pandemic on social media! She points out that there is so much misinformation out there and chat threads get emotive and are based on fear, so it’s best to stay away.If you can help Kelly, she is looking for old laptops, to help support families who don’t have access to them for homeschooling. She’s also got a few raffle tickets left to win an amazing prize that will definitely help you release some endorphins during lockdown – you can win a hot tub from Hot Tubs Rock! Tickets cost £5 – buy yours here.
  • Joe works in the world of online card payments. He’s set himself a goal for 2022 of running an ultramarathon. He says setting an audacious goal keeps him sane and focused.
  • Katherine runs Perrygrove railway and says to get a takeaway one night a week. It means you get to look forward to a treat and it takes the pressure off having to spend time in the kitchen for a night.
  • Sal is the founder of Kids in Nature Kindergarten. Her top tip is to get out in nature. She’s taking the ‘thousand hours outside‘ challenge to set herself a target of getting outdoors 20 hours a week.

top tips for keeping positive during lockdown


    • Val owns Old Hendre Farm B&B. She suggests we keep busy. She’s committed to joining a walking group where they cover 50 kms a week. Val feels better, fitter and more positive for making this commitment and sticking to it.
    • Liam from Pearce IT suggests we use this time of uncertainty to save money by reviewing our bills. He recommends we shop around and call insurance companies and other service providers to see where we can get a better deal.
    • Amy from Rainbow Healing Services says her top tip is to turn up your favourite music as loud as possible and dance around the house.
    • Becci runs Black Cat Glass Designs and reminds us all to seek comfort during difficult times. For her it’s a real fire and a cosy blanket.
    • Natalie runs Better at Social. She reminds us all to be kinder to ourselves; let’s stop shoulding all over ourselves. She also says we should buy ourselves presents and gifts!
    • Lucy owns Webb & James estate agent. Her top tip is to prioritise quality time with your family. We’re at home together, so let’s use this time to create good memories.
    • Dave owns DBC Solutions. He thinks we should all use lockdown to decorate our homes. It means we all emerge with a happier space to live in and doing something creative is a fantastic form of mindfulness!
    • Cheryl from Cosmic Teapot reminds us that a good chat with a close friend can really shift our mood. Putting the world to rights with someone who knows you inside and out has huge benefits on our mental health.
    • Hari runs the Tudor Farmhouse Hotel and has been listening to personal development books on Audible. This is helping her learn new things and improve aspects of her life when she’s out walking the dog.
    • As for me, I suggested we take time each day to find something to be grateful for; no matter how small. It helps train our brains to ‘take in the good’ which can improve our physical and mental health.


What about you? How are you keeping positive during lockdown?

Don’t suffer in silence as help is on hand. If you’re not sleeping properly, are overwhelmed, worried, stressed or anxious then get in touch to book an appointment. We can meet on Zoom and we’ll soon have you feeling happy, healthy and energised.

Here’s what client Layla had to say:

My only regret from seeing Rachelle is that I didn’t book it months ago. I was in a total state when I contacted her. I was stressed all the time, in tears and totally overwhelmed. I couldn’t think straight and was losing focus.

From the moment she said hello on Zoom I knew I was in good hands. Rachelle is intuitive, compassionate, very skilled and has a wicked sense of humour. I was really nervous but she put me totally at ease. She works at a really deep level, but it doesn’t feel like it at the time. I don’t know how she does it, but it’s like she knows what I need before I do.

She never judges, always supports me and she’s helped me restore myself to my best self – relaxed, focused, energised and most important of all I’m happy every day I wake up! I can’t recommend her highly enough“.


how to stay positive during lockdown

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