A relaxing session of Hypnotherapy in forest of dean can help you feel relaxed and calm – it’s like a massage for the mind!

Hypnosis is a psychological technique used to help bring about positive changes to both the mind and the body.

During a session we will discuss what you want to achieve before taking you into a light hypnotic trance. Once you are in trance, we utilise enhanced suggestibility to help treat psychological conditions and to effect behavioural changes. Our sessions will help you focus on the changes you want in life, rather than getting stuck in a loop of what isn’t working.

Hypnontherapy can be used to help ease emotional or psychological conditions, improve your motivation or help you achieve your goals. And while exceptional changes can happen after one session, we usually recommend a series of sessions to really embed new thought patterns and ways of being – so that results are sustainable and long lasting.

You remain fully in control under hypnosis and you can end the session at any time. However, hypnosis is often accompanied by a sense of feeling calm, with an increasing focus inwards. During a hypnotherapy session most people report feeling very relaxed, just like that lovely space you’re in when daydreaming or just prior to falling asleep. Think of it like time out for your troubled mind!

If you find yourself ‘lacking willpower’ to change negative behaviours, then hypnotherapy can help you find the inner commitment and determination you need to help you fulfill your goals.

Hypnotherapy can be used to help relieve anxiety, aid sleep, help with bedwetting, confidence, pain management, eating problems and skin conditions – especially those exacerbated by stress.

Some celebrities swear by hypnotherapy – Adele and Ewan Mcgreggor have used hypnotherapy to help stop smoking. Golfer Tiger Woods used hypnosis to focus his mind and improve motivation. And it is reported that Albert Einstein came up with the theory of relativity when using self-hypnosis!

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