How it works

Discovery session

If you're nervous about making a commitment, we understand. When you're struggling with physical or mental health conditions it's important to get the right support. That's why our half hour discovery session is for you. Here's how it works:

  • Together we meet at our home office in the Forest of Dean
  • You tell us about what you're experiencing and how you want to feel
  • By giving you feedback, you'll ascertain whether or not we can help you
  • Then together, we'll discuss the best options
  • You will know straight away whether we can help and you'll already feel clearer about moving forwards
  • At the end of the session, you decide whether we should work together or not.

Discovery sessions cost £25 and are refundable with your first full session.

   Full session

If you've decided you want our help, let's jump in with our HWG Integrated Sessions which last one hour. Here's how it works:

  • We'll meet at our home office in the Forest of Dean or we can talk on Skype.
  • You tell us your story - in as much or little detail as you like (the beauty of many of the methods we use, is that we don't NEED to hear your story unless you want to share it)
  • You tell us how you want to feel
  • We'll decide on the best tools to help you and we'll start to implement the first one straight away
  • You'll leave with actionable take aways to put in place immediately
  • You'll get 'homework' to keep you accountable, which we'll discuss at your next session

Sessions cost £50. If you purchase, and pay for, six sessions, you get one free.