8 ways to Succeed with your Dry January Goals

Over 4 million adults in the UK sign up to Dry January each year and pledge to ditch the booze for the month of January. But not all succeed. Today we’re sharing our Dry January tips, so you achieve your goal!

There are many reasons people join in ranging from wanting to lose weight, to saving money to simply reducing the amount of alcohol they drink.

Whatever you reasons, there are some really positive side effects you might benefit from if you give up drinking alcohol for a month such as more energy, better sleep, clearer skin, weight loss and a more focused and happier mind.

If you sign up to the challenge, which is run by the charity Alcohol Change UK, you’ll get regular emails with tips and support throughout January to keep you on track.

A great idea is to download the Dry January App. so you can keep track of your month and see your progress.

To prepare for your Dry January here are 8 Dry January tips for success:

Out of sight, out of mind

Use up any alcohol that is in your home to get all temptation out of the way. Either use it up (without bingeing of course!), offer it to friends, or put it somewhere inconvenient to get to such as your attic or back of the garage.

Find your big why

It’s time to discover why you drink and why you want to stop for a month. Is it because it’s a habit, for comfort, to give you confidence, to relieve stress, to help you switch off, because you like the taste? And do you want to stop to save money, improve your health, lose weight, feel better about yourself – keep your whys in mind when you feel like giving in.

Gather support

It’s much easier for most people if they have moral support or an accountability partner. Pick friends who will help and not those who will try and tempt you. At the health and wellness grid, we can offer hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT Therapy – all of which can help you stick to your goals.

Decide how to reward yourself

At the end of the month you might have saved some money, so what could you put it towards? Plan a lovely treat for yourself such as a massage, booking into a class or workshop, putting it towards a holiday or, if you need to put that money towards the bills, choose something small but meaningful as a treat.

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Plan your time

It can be difficult to abstain if you’re bored or you have a specific routine where you drink. Make January your month to learn a new skill, finish off a project or volunteer, so that you have something positive to show for your efforts by the time February rolls around.

Change your routine

We’re all creatures of habit and alcohol is often wrapped in habit and routine. For instance, perhaps you have a glass of wine when the kids are in bed, call into the pub on your way home from a meeting or open a bottle of beer when you walk through the front door at the end of your working day. Think of the triggers that lead you to your first drink of the day and change as much of the routine leading up to that time as possible.

Treat yourself

Giving up alcohol isn’t easy for everybody, so if you drink for comfort, make plans to find that comfort in another way – catching up on a box set, reading novels, meeting up with friends (maybe not in the local pub!), cooking great food, joining a gym, indulging in great coffee, or hot chocolate – find ways to feel good.

Make plans

What will you do when you go out and you’re offered a drink? You might need to practise saying no or spend time trying alternatives that you know you like so you don’t feel like you’re missing out. Look out for non alcoholic beers, spirits and wines, or try juices or flavoured waters.

If you’ve decided to join in with Dry January and need some support, we can help! Hypnotherapy or NLP can give you more motivation to achieve your goal, EFT can deal with any emotional resistance that might come up and our coaching can give you some common sense pointers and tips to keep you on track. Contact us for your first appointment today.

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