Core Transformation

Have you ever made a conscious decision to change a behaviour, only to find yourself doing it again?

Do you have a major limitation you’ve been trying to change, without success?

Core Transformation is a simple ten-step process that can help you move through limiting beliefs and can be applied to any area of your life including health, relationships and career.

During the Core Transformation Process you will identify a behaviour, feeling or response that is no longer helpful and learn how to change it.  The goal of Core Transformation is not to understand your problem, but to go to the place within where your problem can transform. It is a series of step-by-step exercises that allow you to change unwanted behaviours, feelings and responses easily and rapidly, and to have an ongoing sense of wellbeing.

We all have times when we feel sad, angry, frustrated or irritable – it’s part of being human. But in those down times we can still have a sense of wellbeing about ourselves. We can have an inner knowing that we have the resources to weather the storms and an underlying sense of optimism that we will come out the other side, not only intact, but wiser and stronger.

Core Transformation can help you:

  • Reduce specific emotions that are overwhelming you
  • Instill a fundamental sense of wellbeing and peace
  • Support you in changing behaviours that are habitual
  • Develop a sense of being OK, regardless of what is going on
  • Increase self-confidence and esteem
  • Ease depression, fear or anxiety