Coaching and Mentoring

Fulfil your Potential, with Transformational Coaching in the Forest of Dean

Using a holistic approach, my coaching and mentoring offers a safe space for you to explore life challenges without judgement. Together we’ll get to the core of what is holding you back, so you can work through limiting beliefs and increase your confidence, motivation and inspiration to fulfil your potential.

‘Intuitive’, ‘authentic’, ‘trustworthy’ and ’empathetic’ are some of the words clients use to describe me. At the end of each session, expect to have had a few ‘aha!’ moments plus insights and actionable steps to help you get to where you want to be. See what my clients say here.

My clients range from entrepreneurs to creatives to parents. But they have one thing in common. They’re ready and eager to take responsibility for, and action in, their lives.

Certain times in our lives can be stressful, emotional and overwhelming.

When the world wants to create chaos and drama you need an experienced, confident and knowledgeable ally by your side.

That’s where I come in…

I love nothing more than helping you find the solutions to the challenges you face.

You deliver the tangled mess that are all your worries, concerns and thoughts and together we’ll delve in and find the gleaming treasures you need to focus on.

I’ll steam clean your mind so you can feel empowered and back in control.

You’ll find me approachable, humorous and direct. After a consultation I guarantee you’ll feel uplifted, positive, and certain about your next step. I’m confident you’ll learn more about yourself in a 45 minute session than you have in the previous 3 years.

I pride myself on helping you find actionable, practical solutions to the issues you’re facing. You’ll leave each session in no doubt about what to do next.

And be prepared for an epiphany (or two!)

Coaching can help you:

  • Increase self-confidence, motivation, inspiration and self-worth
  • Feel grounded and confident in the face of chaos – instead of reacting
  • Become clear on who you are, what you want and how to get there
  • Recognise your talents and abilities
  • Increase courage, determination and grit
  • Overcome challenges
  • Build on your strengths so you can achieve what you want
  • Create a roadmap for reaching your goals
  • Overcome negative thinking
  • Adopt a ‘can do’, positive mindset
  • Become self-empowered
  • Understand why you think, believe and behave in the way you do – and learn to change the ones that no longer serve you

Is coaching right for me?

Most people seek coaching because they feel at a crossroads in their lives. They’ve either suffered a setback or are stuck in habitual patterns which no longer serve them, but they don’t know how to change them.

You have the potential to live the life you want, but not everybody is ready for change or willing to put in the work. Contact me today to find out if the time is right for you.

Transformational Coaching in the Forest of Dean –

Welcome to the Best Version of You