Clean Coaching

Come and experience Clean Coaching in the Forest of Dean and tap into your own wisdom to solve the problems you face

Clean coaching is very different to traditional coaching. And is ideal when you've 'tried everything' but are still stuck with limiting beliefs, behaviours or negative habits.

During a session you'll  be asked some pretty weird sounding questions! They'll also seem repetitive, but just bear with it and let the magic unfold.

You'll be making use of metaphor and the physical space around you to gain new perspectives and to get more of a 'birds eye view'. If you are going round in circles and trying to think your way out of your problem, but getting nowhere fast, Clean Coaching could help. [How many metaphors did you spot in this paragraph?]

The questions are designed to enable you to construct a powerful 3 dimensional ‘map’ of your situation that you can physically move in and around, gaining new perspectives and trying new positions that stimulate mental reframing and encourage creative insights to emerge.

Clean Coaching incorporates many facets such as networking theory, systems thinking and the power of iteration.

A step by step process to facilitate change: ‘Clean Networks’ offers a flexible, creative way to work with all kinds of people on any kind of outcome.

You will define and create your own action steps. This gives you complete ownership and you'll be highly motivated to follow through.

Contact me today to experience Clean Coaching in the Forest of Dean. It's a transformational tool that can help you get access to your inner wisdom and give you new insight and perspectives, so you can achieve your goals.