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6 Simple Ways to Increase your Happiness Today!

Every year, researchers compile the World Happiness Report, which invites governments to give more importance to happiness and well-being. The report ranks global happiness in countries around the world. This year the UK fell 5 places from 13th to 18th. How to Increase Happiness Many people, when contacting me, tell me they’re not happy. My…

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Four Simple Ways to Improve your Health this Year

how to improve your health - simple tips

With so much chaos, confusion and uncertainty around, it’s good to come back to simplifying our lives wherever possible. And keeping things down to earth and manageable for clients is my signature. In a world that likes to over complicate things, we crave the simple tried-and-tested techniques that work. Your health is the perfect example.…

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Top Tips for Keeping Positive During Lockdown

supporting mental health during lockdown

We’re in our second big lockdown and its having major impacts on our mental health. Reports point to increased rates of suicidal thoughts, and even symptoms of PTSD. There are still negative effects of prolonged isolation, financial concerns and worries about loved ones getting sick. I was fortunate enough to meet with several local business…

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Have Yourself a Merry, Mindful Christmas

how to have a mindful christmas banner image

Christmas is coming, and this time of year can be challenging enough as it is, without a pandemic to take into account! According to Mintel, 36% of all adults in the UK say that they feel stressed at Christmas- and that’s in an ordinary year. I wonder what those stats will be like this year!…

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