Bach Flower Remedies (BFRs)

Come and find out more about Bach Flower Remedies in the Forest of Dean and discover how these simple remedies can support you in dealing with life’s ups and downs!


If you use Bach’s Rescue Remedy, you’re in good company. Cate Blanchett and Emma Watson keep it in their makeup bag, Hugh Grant takes it to help with stage fright and Jennifer Aniston uses Bach Flower Remedies to keep cool under pressure. [source]

If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for you!

While you might not be stepping out on the red carpet any time soon, this blend of five flower remedies can help you feel calmer and more relaxed when facing a stressful situation, after a shock or accident or after receiving bad news.

But did you know there are 38 individual Bach flower remedies as well?

Each remedy – discovered by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s – is derived from a different plant, tree, shrub or wildflower and can help achieve emotional balance. For example, there are remedies to help you face fears, increase joy and happiness, alleviate despondency or feel more confident.

They can help you deal with anxiety, anger, depression, low self esteem or help support you in times of transition, uncertainty and change.

Remedies can be taken singly or in a combination and are safe enough to use for children, when pregnant and even your pets. The product range contain a small amount of alcohol, but alcohol-free options are available.

The Bach Flower Remedy consultations I offer are different to what you might expect or come across before. I have been fortunate to be mentored by Sue Lilly – author of ‘Healing with astrology.’ And now offer consultations based on your astrological chart, from which I can suggest both Bach Flower Remedies and Biochemic Tissue Salts. These will be unique to your individual chart and can help balance out energies that are keeping you stuck in your life or at the root of long-term chronic issues. Contact me for more details.