Autogenic Training (AT)

I offer Autogenic Training in the Forest of Dean via Zoom from the comfort of your own home

Are sleep disorders affecting your life?

Do you feel in a constant state of stress and tension?

Do you want a simple way to reduce anxiety?

Originating in Germany and developed by Doctors, Autogenic Training is a form of deep relaxation, using mental exercises to reduce the effects of stress and illness on the mind and body. It has been compared to self-hypnosis, but is closer to meditation. During Autogenic Training, you focus your attention on certain words or phrases which trigger your relaxation response.

Autogenic Training works by achieving a shift in consciousness that enables you to control your autonomic nervous system, switching it from sympathetic (which reacts to stress) to parasympathetic (which promotes rest and relaxation) at will.

There is no need to wear special clothes, remove or get into unusual positions. The exercise are mental ones – you just sit or lie comfortably and relax.

Autogenic Training involves learning a series of special mental exercises to help you relax mentally and physically from day-to-day stress. This calming process focuses on the physical, mental and emotional health of the whole person, rather than on individual ailments. However, numerous conditions seem to respond well – especially those that are exacerbated by stress or long-term anxiety. Autogenic Training is a simple way to improve general wellbeing.

The Royal London Hospital for Integrative Medicine offer Autogenic Training to patients who notice that stress is having a negative impact on their coping capacity, well being and quality of life.

It can be a helpful therapy for many physical problems, including:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Muscular Pain and Tension
Panic Attacks
Pre-Menstrual Tension
Sleep Disorders

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