How to get 20% off an Allergy Test this February

Cutting refined sugar out of my diet was the beginning of a journey of improved health for me.

You see, in my teens I developed glandular fever. I could only go to school part time and that was during my exam years, so it had an impact on my academic achievement (well, that’s my excuse anyway!).

In my late teens I went into the workplace and picked up infection after infection. I had constant sore throats, coughs and colds – whatever was going around, I’d get it.

In my early twenties I’d had enough. I had persistent cystitis, two bouts of shingles (not fun I can tell you), I developed migraines and my glands were constantly swollen and painful.

So I went to a reflexologist. She really helped support my immune system and one day said “I think you might have candida, why not get it checked out?”. So I booked an appointment with someone who did allergy testing, using kinesiology. After my test she said “You have the highest candida count I’ve ever seen. I’m surprised you could walk in here.”

At last, someone really validated my experience and could give me an answer for my constant fatigue, aching and low immunity.

I went home and started on a new dietary regime straight away. It honestly hadn’t dawned on me that the fact I was drinking about 8 cups of tea (each with two sugars), eating 6 full sized chocolate bars and grabbing fast food, was having an impact on my health – duh!


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But a radical problem, requires a radical solution, so I 100% stuck to the guidelines I was given on cutting out sugar. Out went breakfast cereal, my morning cuppa(s) and toast and jam. I waved goodbye to my morning chocolate bars and cakes. Lunch became altogether more healthy – no more flapjacks and pick ‘n’ mix sweets and evening takeaways were replaced with home cooked meals. I ditched alcohol too.

Now I won’t say it was easy. In truth it was horrendous and in hindsight I should have reached out for support during that time. I decided to go cold turkey and it wasn’t the best route. I was shaking, crying, couldn’t think straight, couldn’t sleep and had obsessive thoughts.

But within two weeks I was feeling much better. My skin was better, I had more energy, I felt more calm and just, well, healthier. It was a feeling I had long forgotten.

It wasn’t long before I knew I had to train in this to help other people. I did my allergy therapy training over the next two years and couldn’t wait to start seeing clients. The rest, as they say, is history.

Since then (this was the late 1990s), I’ve learned about all sorts of other helpful complementary therapies including EFT (brilliant for dealing with cravings), Bach Flower Remedies (excellent for supporting the emotions and cleansing the body), and intuitive coaching (because people kept telling me I’m the person who ‘gets’ them), so that when clients like you come to me, you can get full mind, body, spirit support which will keep you on the fast track to success.

Book during February and take advantage of your Allergy Test Discount

Because my health journey began with giving up refined sugar, I’m supporting Sugar Free February by offering an allergy test at 20% off, throughout the month. Just quote SUGARFREE20 when you book by phone (07971 509997) or via the contact form. Testing is painless, non-invasive and you get instant results!

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