Richard and Rachelle Strauss providing Health and Wellness in the Forest of Dean

Helping Stressed, Anxious People Feel Happy, Healthy and Energised - with Complementary Therapies and Wellness Coaching.
Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.
Or via Skype.

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Put Yourself First During Our Second Lockdown

Bring More Joy into Your Life
By Feeling Happy and Healthy Today

We're complementary practitioners offering a wide range of therapies to help you achieve Health and Wellness in the Forest of Dean. Visit us in person or from the comfort of your own home via Skype.


We'll help you overcome the stress, anxiety and frustration caused by chronic and debilitating health conditions. Or, guide you through life when it simply gets too much.

Great health.

It’s feeling energised and alive.
It's waking up refreshed and joyful.
It gives you the confidence to achieve your goals.

And if you don't have it.

We'll make sure you get it.

"Richard and Rachelle have been crucial in helping me finally get to the root issue of health conditions that have been plaguing me for years. They are patient, attentive and very knowledgeable. They have explained things to me about the way my body and mind work that no one has told me before. I have cried with relief in my sessions because every time I get a breakthrough. I am now free of chronic fatigue, my weight has stabilised, I'm sleeping better and I can honestly say I feel like a new person!"

Sarah P - Cheltenham

Your Health and Wellness Matters

Whatever you do in life, your health underpins it.

At work, when you're with your family, when you socialise, when you're alone with your thoughts – every thing you do in life is supported by your health and wellness. And the way you feel about it.

The key to great health is understanding what works for you. And finding someone you can trust to give you individualised support. Finding someone to keep you accountable. Finding someone to celebrate your successes and pick you up when you fall. It's a mentor who is on the journey with you. A coach who will cheer you on. A therapist with experience. And a confidant you can share with.

Great health. It’s all in the mindset. We'll give you the right one.